That One Eyed Kid is the moniker of Josh Friedman, a Boston-based independent songwriter, performer, and producer. Building from a soulful vocal performance, synth-pop production, and delicate layers of acoustic and electronic instruments, T1EK's songs are about embracing our deepest insecurities and holding them up to the light. 

New England Music Award nominee for Best Producer 2018

These days, everything Josh Friedman touches seems to turn to gold... His soaring vocal melodies are a great match for the music and pull together one of the best indie-pop albums of Boston for the year so far.
— Vanyaland
“Rebandon” echoes the most recent work of Bon Iver – but That One Eyed Kid spins it into his own explosion of art. It’s a slick, haunting track that echoes within you long after you’ve stopped listening.
— Sound of Boston
[‘Rebandon’] from T1EK bears all the quality hallmarks of a modern Bon Iver release (with a strong James Blake influence thrown in too). I’ve had this one on repeat since it was thrown in my direction, it’s going to stick you know.
— The Sound Sniffer
[‘No Touching’ is] a sultry, beautiful track that showcases the shit out of  Friedman’s vocal range, as well as his percussion prowess.
— Impose Magazine
ThatOneEyedKid brings some much need funk and soul to a traditionally icy genre.
— Baeble Music